Mosaic Corporate Events

Group Travel & Special Interest Tours

At Mosaic, custom tours are our specialty. We collectively work with you to design a special itinerary and offer innovative experiences with many interesting options. By using our long standing relationships and negotiating power, Mosaic is able to offer unique touches that are just what your travelers will appreciate.

By identifying your budget and striving to stay within your comfort zone; our team can create memorable trips by utilizing our experienced professional tour guides, modern vehicles, array of accommodations and special interest itineraries. Mosaic can:

  • Identify and work with you on budget constraints
  • Offer on-line registration and pre-event marketing assistance
  • Design customized itineraries and offer destination recommendations
  • Assist travelers with reservations, transfers, changes, and cancellations
  • Book domestic and international reservations for air, rail tickets, hotel and car rentals
  • Escort group travelers on special tours

In addition to our customized itineraries that support your special interest group, we offer "client favorite" destinations that we would be happy to share with you.

Operating since 1988, our travel company has organized leisure, special interest and group travel programs all over the world. Mosaic is a tour company, and not a travel agency. Therefore, we do not sell to the general public. Instead, we create the itineraries and work with the airlines and hotels directly and have our own on-site guides.

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Special Interest Groups

  • Cultural & Art
  • History & Battlefield
  • Heritage & Genealogy
  • Religious & Pilgrimage
  • Food & Wine